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“Sir Pizza is the best pizza in town! “

“The royal feast rocks!”


“My wife and I love Sir Pizza, we've ordered from the one on Richmond Rd several times. We've had it delivered and picked it up. ps. We love those little chopped pepperoni's!”

Sir Pizza is one of the oldest pizza restaurants in Kentucky. We have been serving the Central Kentucky community since 1963. Our house pizza the Royal Feast has been voted by our customers as one of the best around. Today we not only serve pizza at our several locations, we have expanded our menu to included buffalo wings, salads, sandwiches, spaghetti, lasagna and calzones.

We pride ourselves on being a locally owned family business. Our pizza dough is made from scratch, never frozen, from a special formula, our sauces are homemade, our cheese comes right from the dairy farms of Wisconsin and we always use premium meats. Please take the time to see what makes us so special and why our customers keep coming back time and time again, for over 50 Years!!
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